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When I first went “online” my first chat program was ICQ, one of the first people that I “met” online was Sievert Weits.  He was from the Netherlands. We chatted a lot and became online friends.  He went by Sarling.  He was a writer of short stories.  I asked him to write a story for me, which he did. In the story, he referred to me as “Lady of the Internet”.  After that, each time he would email me, he would address me as “Lady of the Internet”.  Each time I would answer his emails, I also referred to myself as “Lady of the Internet”.  One day, I got lazy, and signed my email to him, LOTI.  That is how I got my nickname.

I would like to share the story with you.

Thank you, Sievert.


With a push on a button she was in his house: the lady of the Internet. Like a fresh smell reminding of the beginning of a new spring, she streams out of the computer into his room. She was a very beautiful woman, a personality, listening to the name of Jean. He met her about six weeks ago on the ICQ. Their conversations were very interesting and fulfilled with a wonderful kind of humor. A kind of humor that would bring a laugh on the mouth of a pessimist. Their little chats could bring huge countries together. She was a bright woman. Knew her way with taxes and with the kissing disease. He was suffering the last illness. His arms and legs were hurting because he was exhausted. He told this to the lady of the Internet. His doctor said to him that he needed to rest, but he didn't listen. It seems like he wouldn't listen to anyone, anyone , except to the lady of the Internet. With her powerful voice she told him to lie down and rest. He tried to disobey, but he failed. No one can disobey the lady of the Internet. It was like his computer has eyes that followed him everywhere. Push the disconnect-button she ordered him kindly. In the way she was typing the words you could see her concern. Push the button and get some rest. And because he just couldn't ignore this woman's will he pushed the button and disconnected from ICQ. For almost two hours he lied on the couch. Completely numb, to afraid to move at all. He didn't dare to chase away the spider that was tickling his nose. He even didn't dare to sneeze. But he had to go to the toilet, real bad. He tried not to, but after wriggling himself in several positions he really had to go. Despite of the orders of the lady of the Internet. Afterwards he walked ashamed towards the computer and turned it on. He just wanted to apologize to the lady of the Internet.



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Story written and © Seivert weits